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Job Details

Job Id:   ** MCF-0019 Job Title:   WCS Product Engineer II
Location:  Houston, Texas Resource Manager:  Marc Morrow
WCS Product Engineer III PURPOSE: Summarize briefly the major function and purpose of the position. Creates, reviews and approves designs, drawings, DBI’s (Data Base Instructions), specifications, etc. involving existing and new technology or applications. Ensures that projects meet specifications, standards and performance requirements within area of expertise. ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS: What are the minimum qualifications an employee must have in order to perform the duties of the position? (I.e. educational requirements, licenses, certification, work experience, training etc.) BS Degree in Engineering. Four to seven years relevant experience in specialized area or product line(s) or MS degree plus three to five years experience. Entry level PhD. Detailed knowledge of at least one ABC or related product line and general knowledge of several lines. Some knowledge of systems. Basic knowledge of competing and alternative technologies. Demonstrated ability to independently create functional & cost effective designs that meet complex specification requirements. Regularly demonstrates capability for conceptualizing designs. General understanding of internal economic factors (cost, margins, profit impact of decisions) affecting assignment areas. Must be proficient in use of CAD and Database systems related to Engineering functions. Shows evidence of good organization and project planning skills. Shows evidence of ability to guide and mentor others and demonstrates some degree of leadership ability. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS: What additional training will an employee require to continue to perform the duties of the position? Houston Operating Procedures, START Safety Program, IMAN Systems. Takes required ABC training courses as outlined in the Engineering Training Assessment Plan. RELATIONSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES: Indicate positions that report directly to this position. Number of direct / indirect reports. None, but often leads one or more professionals or technicians on a project basis. Indicate internal/external contacts and purpose of contacts. Consults and establishes working relationships with local & other site groups. Participates as a fully contributing member of a project team. Often leads projects or the solving of problems. Develops strong relationships with customer technical or service personnel. Frequent customer presentation. Shares opinions, ideas and resources with others to achieve common goals; fosters teamwork and collaboration, builds trust. Fosters commitment in the face of major obstacles. SCOPE OF RESPONSIBILITIES / ACCOUNTABILITY: Indicate budget/revenue responsibility. No budget responsibility at this level. Explain the degree of supervision/guidance, procedures/ processes used, judgement, creativity, planning & resourcefulness needed to do the job. Interprets and applies relevant policies & procedures. Receives objectives and guidelines for projects. Regularly assigned ownership of conceptual design. Analyzes and interprets data independently. Anticipates potential problems and takes preventative action. Participates in the project planning and schedule process. How are errors detected and what is possible impact of those errors? Reviews the work of others for accuracy and soundness of judgement. WORK ENVIRONMENT AND PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The work environment and physical demands described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. WORK ENVIRONMENT: Describe general working conditions (i.e. noise level, temperature, around heavy machinery) Office environment. Possible exposure to hazards such as noise, heavy equipment, temperature extremes, chemicals, etc. while working in Engineering laboratory, assembly areas and field service applications. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Describe amount & frequency of physical requirements of the position (i.e. lifting, pushing, climbing) Spends 50% of time sitting and operating a computer or workstation. Spends 50% of time lifting, pushing, and walking. Some climbing. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITY AREAS: Identify the major duties and tasks accomplished by this position. For each duty, identify if it is an E - essential function or N - nonessential function of the job. E/N Duties and Responsibilities E Creates, reviews and approves designs, drawings, DBI’s (database information), specifications, etc. of existing or new technology or applications. Ensures that assignments meet standards and performance requirements within area of expertise. E Uses the CAD/CAM and database systems and facilities to make layouts, analyze designs, evaluate equipment systems and generate new equipment designs. E Prepares documentation, information and communications such as ECN (Engineering Change Notices), DBI (Data Base Information) and engineering specifications and ensures conformance to all policies and procedures related to engineering functions, labor reporting and systems reporting. E Independently develops solutions to non-recurring problems by analyzing, interpreting and evaluating various precedents and data. Anticipates potential problems and takes preventative actions. E Consults with other departments on equipment designs and questions. Identifies root cause of problems. Develops alternative solutions and communicates associated benefits and risks. E Prepares technical data and papers for sales personnel, customers and publications. Makes field trips with sales and service personnel with new products and technical applications. E Tests and evaluates prototypes and products to determine design limits and needed improvements. Prepares test reports and closure reports on engineering project assignments. E Assists and checks the work of drafters, designers and less experienced engineers. May begin guiding and mentoring other professionals and technicians. E Participates in planning and scheduling projects. E Accepts ownership of conceptual designs and sponsors projects to higher management. E Participates in product standardization projects. N Attends appropriate industry related professional society meetings and functions in order to stay informed of and make good use of new technology, products and personal development opportunities. This job description is a general description of essential job functions. It is not intended as an employment contract, nor is it intended to describe all duties someone in this position may perform. All employees of ABC are expected to perform tasks as assigned by supervisory personnel, regardless of job title or routine job duties.


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