The Morrow Group Oil and Gas Professionals
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Our Agency Specializes in Global Oil
and Gas "Executive" placements.

Services for Candidates

We recommend any candidate send the following information to us prior to setting up a personal consultation:

1) Updated Resume / CV

2) Current compensation?

3) Desired compensation?

4) Reason's for making a career change?

5) Dates / Times available for an initial telephone call from one of our recruiters?

We will then evaluate your level of skills by reviewing your Resume / CV with the appropriate open positions we may have on our web site or database.  Should you identify one of our job postings as a "potential fit", please attached your resume to the job posting found on our web site under - Career Opportunities.

Tips for interviewing:

  • Dress appropriately - men should wear a suit and ladies should wear either a dress or pants suit
  • Resume paper - 100% linen paper off white color
  • Research your potential employer's web site for gaining knowledge of the companys - values, goals, primary business activities, updated news, and more.
  • Prepare to have 3-5 good questions for each of your interviewers when you meet with them on the job opportunity
  • Always Thank them for the opportunity to meet with them
  • And if you like what you hear and see - ASK FOR THE JOB!


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