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** Geology / GEO Science


Job Title
Tulsa, OK, US
Organization Name
Mid-Continent Development
Brief Description
The Geologist will be responsible for performing a variety of geological, petro-physical and engineering related tasks including building databases, subsurface correlating and mapping, well log analysis and basic reserve estimations in connection with exploration, exploitation, development and acquisitions.   
Detailed Description
  • Generate and update maps, logs, cross-sections and corporate databases with new tops, correlations, shows and other pertinent geological data.
  • Develop regional, multi-county stratigraphic frameworks and subsurface correlations.
  • Create, generate, manage and present sound, high-quality geologic interpretations and new drilling opportunities to Management.
  • Interact with Reservoir, Production, Drilling and Completion Engineers providing interpreted well logs, cross-sections and maps for volumetrics, problem wells, drilling risks and recommended completion intervals.
  • Coordinate well logging activities.
Job Requirements
  • Proficient with Geographix and Prizm geoscience workstation software for mapping structure, net sand, net porosity and net pay thicknesses and incorporating engineering data, well log correlations, cross-sections and well-seismic calibration.
  • Working knowledge of geophysics, petrophysics, risk evaluation, sequence stratigraphy, and basic reservoir engineering.
  • Ability to work with digital LAS files.
  • Ability to work with a very large digital and raster well log database and an extensive geologic tops database.
  • Ability to work large, basin-wide regional areas with a lot of data, as well as, smaller development projects.
  • Strong interpersonal skills demonstrating the ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Initiative – the desire to run and deliver outstanding results with minimum supervision.
  • Opportunistic – the desire to create value and “see what others cannot see”.
Additional Details

  • May mentor Summer Interns, new college hires and lower level Geologists.
  • Supervise geological aspects of well operations. Prepare geological prognoses and provide technical input and well log evaluations during the drilling of exploration and development wells.
  • Normal office environment.
  • May require field visits and overnight stays based on business needs.
  • B.S. or higher in Geology.
  • Experience with digital data, geoscience software and log evaluation/interpretation.

Job Listings

Job Id Job Title Location Resource Manager Details
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** GET-007 Sales Geologist Houston, Texas Gilbert Forcade Details
Filled Position Exploration Geologist Houston / Woodlands, TX Gilbert Forcade Details
** SEC-00101 Sr. Geologist (unconventional) Houston, Texas Marc Morrow Details
** BHI-008 Business Development Manager Houston, Texas Gilbert Forcade Details
** BHI-0011 Geologist Advisor Saudi Arabia Gilbert Forcade Details
** BHI-0012 Sr. Geomechanics Consultant Saudi Arabia Gilbert Forcade Details
** BHI-0013 Petroleum Engineer Advisor Saudi Arabia Gilbert Forcade Details
** BHI-0014 Geomodeling Advisor Saudi Arabia Gilbert Forcade Details
** BHI-0015 Geophysicist Advisor Saudi Arabia Gilbert Forcade Details
** BHI-0016 Petrophysicist Advisor Saudi Arabia Gilbert Forcade Details
** TOT-004 GEO Tech Houston, Texas Marc Morrow Details
** INE - 008 Sr. Reservoir Operations Geologist Alaska, USA Marc Morrow Details
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