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Job Id:   ** WSI - 0010 Job Title:   District Manager - Wellhead Expertise
Location:  Hobbs, NM Resource Manager:  Marc Morrow
DISTRICT MANAGER 1 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 This position guide outlines the requirements, reporting relationships, authority, responsibilities, duties, and measurements of performance for the District Manager position. 2.0 BASIC FUNCTIONS 2.1 To oversee the sales, service, shop, rental, purchasing, and safety operations functions for the company while administering and tracking programs relative to new and existing business. 2.2 To be responsible for the quality of work, customer relations, employee staffing, financial accountability, and profits and losses of the company while concentrating on business development and service. 3.0 REQUIREMENTS 3.1 Education: Required: High School Graduate Preferred: Minimum two years college in related business subjects. Six plus years field experience could count toward formal education. 3.2 Experience: At least ten years related experience with a minimum of five years oilfield operations management experience. This position requires extensive experience with well head equipment. 3.3 Skills/Knowledge/Abilities: 3.1.1 Fluent knowledge of oil field operations, equipment and services. 3.1.2 Knowledgeable in all phases of sales, marketing, servicing, and purchasing of well head equipment. 3.1.3 Basic knowledge of regulatory guidelines. 3.1.4 Basic understanding of inventory control and warehouse systems. 3.1.5 Ability to communicate and direct the efforts of others. 3.1.6 Possess good negotiating skills. 3.1.7 Ability to conduct effective and orderly meetings. 3.1.8 Knowledge of finance and accounting sufficient to understand and implement the concepts of profit and expense control. 3.1.9 Understanding of product costing. 3.1.10 Basic understanding of financial reports. 3.1.11 Sales-related experience is desirable. 3.1.12 Must be computer literate. 3.4 Physical Body Positions: Sitting, standing, walking. Able to lift up to 50 pounds. Body Movements: Use of hands, legs, arms, eyes, and voice. DISTRICT MANAGER 2 3.5 Mental: Requires statistical and analytical knowledge using general business math skills. Requires excellent people skills with the ability to problem solve on a daily basis, and coordinate numerous activities at the same time. Excellent communication skills, in writing as well as verbal, with emphasis on attention to detail. 3.6 Working Conditions: This position is regularly exposed to the following conditions: 3.6.1 Office environment. 3.6.2 Travel requirements. 3.6.3 Long and irregular hours. 3.6.4 Exposure to outside weather conditions. 3.7 Certifications/Licenses: Must be certified, or willing to be certified, to operate a forklift. Must have a current and valid driver’s license. 4.0 REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS 4.1 The District Manager reports to the Corporate Operations Manager. 4.2 The following District positions report to the District Manager 4.2.1 Operations Supervisor 4.2.2 Shop Supervisor 4.2.3 Rental Supervisor 4.2.4 Purchasing / Inventory Supervisor 4.2.5 Office Manager/Administrative personnel 5.0 AUTHORITY The District Manager is authorized to make financial and administrative decisions set within the guidelines of the company. 6.0 RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES 6.1 Oversee, maintain, and implement the basic departmental policies and procedures of the everyday operations of the business while maintaining the company profitability goals and operating within the assigned operations budget. 6.2 Communicate with your immediate reporting personnel and oversee their daily tasks and functions. DISTRICT MANAGER 3 6.3 Read, study, and utilize the appropriate sales and service performance reports. 6.4 Assist the Corporate Operations Manager, CEO and Controller in preparing annual district budget. 6.5 Review financial and operational reports to determine that operations are running at or below budget, make any changes needed to attain the cost and expense goals. 6.6 Assist in preparing quotes and bids for major customers. 6.7 Communicate specifications of successful bids and or quotes to Corporate Operations Manager, CEO, Shop Manager, Purchasing / Inventory Manager, and Rental Supervisor in a timely manner to assist them in performing their duties efficiently and productively. 6.8 Report the activities of the competition to the Corporate Operations Manager and CEO and recommend action to maintain a competitive stance in the marketplace. 6.9 Serve as liaison to the community as the representative for ABC Inc. 6.10 Call on and maintain relationships with designated customers on a regular basis. 6.11 Ensure district personnel receive required and appropriate training to be able to perform their jobs in a professional and efficient manner. 6.12 Assist in collection of problem accounts as requested by the Corporate Operations Manager, CEO, or Controller. 6.13 Communicate with the Corporate Operations Manager and CEO to ensure clear identification of critical issues and solicit input and assistance as needed. 6.14 To ensure the security of all district assets and funds. 6.15 Represent the company at appropriate industry functions. 6.16 Perform evaluation reviews for reporting employees on a timely basis. 6.17 Provides oversight and support to direct reports to ensure they are able to satisfactorily perform their responsibilities and duties. 6.18 Works with Corporate Operations Manager, CEO and Purchasing / Inventory Manager to establish inventory levels. 6.19 Monitor established inventory levels managed by inventory control personnel. 6.20 Monitor expenses for the company to ensure departmental budget compliance. DISTRICT MANAGER 4 6.14 Participates in senior management meetings as required. 6.15 Conducts regular division management and employee operations meetings. 6.16 Assists Corporate Operations Manager and CEO in preparing monthly revenue, staffing and equipment requirement forecasts. 6.17 Ensure that the shop area is a safe and healthy working environment for personnel and customers. 6.18 Ensure that all equipment and tools are in proper working condition, including company owned or operated vehicles. 6.19 Ensure that daily paperwork and sales records are processed, maintained, and completed as required. 6.20 Ensure that Month End procedures and paperwork are completed on time. 6.21 Oversee the work being completed and assist in completion if necessary. 6.22 Works with Corporate Operations Manager and CEO to establish goal for hourly personnel billable time. 6.23 Monitors overtime / billable time reports and works with District Operations and Shop Supervisors to maximize personnel efficiency. 6.24 Ensure facility is always ‘customer ready’ in terms of appearance & cleanliness. 6.25 To maintain compliance with the local, state, and federal regulations. 6.26 Perform all other duties in the best interests of the company or as directed by the Corporate Operations Manager or CEO. 7.0 MEASUREMENTS OF PERFORMANCE The District Manager of ABC Inc. will be deemed to be performing in a satisfactory manner if the following have been accomplished: 7.1 The established revenue, cash flow and profit goals of the district (ABC, Inc.) are attained. 7.2 The district is efficiently staffed with trained personnel. 7.3 The district consistently meets customer service and quality standards. WSI ENTERPRISES, INC. DISTRICT MANAGER 5 7.4 The district operates within established policies. 7.5 The district maintains regulatory compliance for all functions performed. 7.6 All complaints or grievances brought to the attention of the District Manager have been or are in the process of being resolved. 7.7 Ensure district sales and marketing programs have been implemented on schedule. 7.8 Ensure that billable time goals are met. 7.9 Represent the company at industry functions as required. 7.11 Meetings are held for service and shop personnel on a regularly scheduled basis. 7.12 Targeted corporate customers are contacted on a regular basis. 7.13 Inventory levels and service schedules meet the assigned and agreed to standards. 7.14 The District Manager performs annual evaluations for all directly reporting personnel and reviews the paper record of the evaluations performed by subordinates. 7.15 Maintains a professional working relationship with all assigned personnel as well as with other internal departments. 7.16 All customer orders are handled and processed accurately and timely. 8.0 ACKNOWLEDGMENT This Position Guide does not list all of the duties of the job. You may be asked by management to perform other instructions and duties. You will be evaluated in part based upon your performance of the tasks listed in the Position Guide. The CEO has the right to revise this Position Guide at any time. This Position Guide is not a contract for employment and either you or the employer may terminate employment at any time for any reason.


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