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** Geology / GEO Science


Job Title
Tulsa, OK, US
Organization Name
Mid-Continent Development
Brief Description
The Geologist will be responsible for performing a variety of geological, petro-physical and engineering related tasks including building databases, subsurface correlating and mapping, well log analysis and basic reserve estimations in connection with exploration, exploitation, development and acquisitions.   
Detailed Description
  • Generate and update maps, logs, cross-sections and corporate databases with new tops, correlations, shows and other pertinent geological data.
  • Develop regional, multi-county stratigraphic frameworks and subsurface correlations.
  • Create, generate, manage and present sound, high-quality geologic interpretations and new drilling opportunities to Management.
  • Interact with Reservoir, Production, Drilling and Completion Engineers providing interpreted well logs, cross-sections and maps for volumetrics, problem wells, drilling risks and recommended completion intervals.
  • Coordinate well logging activities.
Job Requirements
  • Proficient with Geographix and Prizm geoscience workstation software for mapping structure, net sand, net porosity and net pay thicknesses and incorporating engineering data, well log correlations, cross-sections and well-seismic calibration.
  • Working knowledge of geophysics, petrophysics, risk evaluation, sequence stratigraphy, and basic reservoir engineering.
  • Ability to work with digital LAS files.
  • Ability to work with a very large digital and raster well log database and an extensive geologic tops database.
  • Ability to work large, basin-wide regional areas with a lot of data, as well as, smaller development projects.
  • Strong interpersonal skills demonstrating the ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Initiative – the desire to run and deliver outstanding results with minimum supervision.
  • Opportunistic – the desire to create value and “see what others cannot see”.
Additional Details

  • May mentor Summer Interns, new college hires and lower level Geologists.
  • Supervise geological aspects of well operations. Prepare geological prognoses and provide technical input and well log evaluations during the drilling of exploration and development wells.
  • Normal office environment.
  • May require field visits and overnight stays based on business needs.
  • B.S. or higher in Geology.
  • Experience with digital data, geoscience software and log evaluation/interpretation.

Job Details

Job Id:   ** INE - 008 Job Title:   Sr. Reservoir Operations Geologist
Location:  Alaska, USA Resource Manager:  Marc Morrow
Position Title: Sr. Reservoir Operations Geologist Department: Development Reports to: Reservoir Project Manager General Job Description Requires work experience as exploration or development geologist for major Oil and Gas Company. Must have experience with wireline logging operations, log analysis, LWD technology, geosteering for high angle and lateral wells, mudlogging and coring operations. Five (5) to ten (10) experience with Service Company or operations with Oil & Gas Exploration Company is required. Prior experience working in Alaska North Slope is required. Minimum requirement is a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology or Engineering. Good verbal and written communication skills are required. Primary Responsibilities  Ensure that all geological objectives are met without lost time and with maximum economic efficiency.  Provide geological input and support to drilling team during well planning and drilling operations.  Maintain the quality assurance from all the subsurface contractors.  Coordinate well data compilation and its distribution to teams, partners and regulatory agencies.  Co-ordinate and achieve complete geological well bore evaluation with maximum economic efficiencies thought thorough planning and communication with teams.  Provide geologic interpretation to management and drilling team during planning, drilling and completion of wells.  Provide written guidelines for all geological operations to ensure complete communication of objectives and to provide for quality control.  Maintaining the Quality Assurance from all the subsurface vendors associated with drilling operations. Detailed Responsibilities • Wellsite supervision of wireline logging and conventional coring operations • Responsible for the geological well program, including formation evaluation & conventional coring operations. • Monitor the well operations and report to the head office and corporate office. • Closely monitor and discussed with Well Operations, Exploration, Development departments and corporate office. • Composition of technical bids. technical evaluation of bids and selection of contractors, • Pre-well planning for drilling hazards, pore pressure analysis, casing point determination and development of formation evaluation program. • Planning, implantation and monitoring geosteering in the lateral wells and the drilling with the geosteering team with the LWD contractor.  Provide expertise in geosteering and LWD formation evaluation.  Capture lessons learned and apply to next well.  Function as single contact to teams for all geological operations.  Compile and distribute well data to teams, partners and regulatory agencies. Skill Profile • Formal education required is a Bachelors of Science in Geology • 10 years minimum experience in geological operations, wireline or lwd engineer or mud logger. • Must have prior experience working North Slope Alaska • Preferred Special skills in log analysis or petrophysics and or experience with a service company such as mudlogging, core analysis, or wireline logging operations. • Knowledge of drilling operations, log analysis and geological operations. • Good technical writing and verbal communication skills are mandatory Communication Areas Interact in all levels with Exploration, Development and Well Operations teams within the organization. Health, Safety & Environmental Risk Category: Moderate


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